Prep Independent Study Exhibition

Ingenuity and creativity were front and centre as Year 6 pupils showcased their projects in this year’s Perse Prep Independent Research Exhibition.

Following the success of the inaugural event in 2022, even more youngsters got involved this time with 45 pupils sharing what they had been working on as part of their homework timetable during the Summer term.

Based on their hobbies and interests, a wide variety of inspiring projects were on display with pupils keen to explain more to their classmates.

For her project, Daphne recreated a camera obscura – the ancestor of the modern-day camera – using her garage at home as a dark room with a small hole in one wall used to project a flipped image of her garden on to the opposite wall.

She said: “I wanted to do something with a camera for my project and my dad suggested looking at one of the first ‘cameras’. We had to make sure we got the right amount of sunlight for the image, but it was really good fun to do.”

Keen gardener Luke showed off some of the many types of vegetables, fruit and herbs he had grown in his backyard and tested pupils’ knowledge of seeds with a fun quiz.

Sophie was inspired to make a model ‘grateful tree’ from filament, in tribute to a special tree she and her family would regularly sit under and express what they were thankful for during lockdown.

Meanwhile, Adam gave tips on how to write a screenplay based on his own research into the work of legendary film director Steven Spielberg.

Other projects included the building of bionic hands and engines, fun games and models, and research into food and recipes, plus some awesome art, such as the display of acrylic and watercolour paintings by Rosie.

Prep Assistant Head (Academic) Tobias Bown said: “It’s the second year we’ve held the Year 6 exhibition and I’m delighted that so many children wanted to take part.

“There was such a wide range of projects and they came up with some great ideas based on whatever they were interested in.

“It also gave them a massive focus on research skills, time management, independence and perseverance.”

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