Sixth Form – EPQ
Research Programmes

We encourage all Sixth Form students to undertake a formal independent research project.

This is an excellent opportunity to delve into a subject in depth, which brings its own rewards in terms of subject knowledge and research skills. It also provides excellent material for the university application process.

The EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is a demanding and fulfilling externally-assessed research project, which is equivalent to half an A level. The marking focuses on the research process.

Jani Santarius

British and French attitudes and policy in west Africa 1880-1940. A difference in practice as well as in theory?

Oliver Traherne

To what extent are humans responsible for the rise in transmission and emergence of zoonotic diseases, through the domestication of animals and increased association with the natural wildlife?

Maddie Austin

The International Criminal Court: A flawed institution which holds little promise for the future?

Research Resources
Year 9 – Aristotelian Award

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