Sixth Form – Rouse Award
Research Programmes

We encourage all Sixth Form students to undertake a formal independent research project.

This is an excellent opportunity to delve into a subject in depth, which brings its own rewards in terms of subject knowledge and research skills. It also provides excellent material for the university application process.

The Rouse Award is an internally-assessed research project where the marking focuses on the findings.

The best projects submitted are considered by a judging panel of governors and university academics through a viva-style interview process.

Rouse Award 2023 winners

Daniel Myhill

Creating a simple central processing unit using a field-programmable gate array.

Natalie Ronco

Measuring gender bias in machine translation beyond sentence level.

Bibi Elliott

What type of borrowing from English has the greatest impact on the modern French language?

James MacGillivray

Polio eradication: An evaluation of the most important strategies for the future.

Rouse Award 2022 winners

Evelyn Marshall

Examine how Charles V of France utilised visual culture to construct royal authority in medieval Paris.

Sophie Chiang

Machine learning for table tennis match prediction.

Jemima Fung

How can biomimicry be used in architecture to improve the sustainability of a building?

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