Alison Stewart joined the Perse Upper biology department in September 2020, meaning that part of her first year of teaching was completed online. Having been a Lower Sixth lead in her previous school, this led Alison to consider whether online learning could actually develop some useful skills for the future in older students.

“Working with my two Lower Sixth groups during lockdown was an eye-opening experience at The Perse. As the students are academically able, and teaching online was not too difficult due to the excellent IT set-up at the school, I was left considering whether actually some positive employability skills had been acquired through this period. Students were forced to try new methods of interaction, taking part in online conference-style lessons, and had to find new ways of presenting their work, most notably becoming experts in OneNote (as did the staff!). I decided the most effective way to look into this was to ask the students directly, hence the evolution of my survey, which was completed by a large proportion of the year group and yielded some interesting results.”

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