Emma Kenzie joined the Perse Upper geography department in September 2010 and also took over the role of Charities Co-ordinator. She has greatly expanded the charitable fundraising and volunteering that Perse pupils take part in and had increased our yearly fundraising to approximately £45,000. Emma has created Lower School, Middle School and Sixth Form Charities Committees to ensure the views of pupils are reflected in the fundraising opportunities created and the charities selected, but wanted to ensure that the views of the whole school body were taken into account, so decided to conduct a research project on this.

“Working with pupils at The Perse to raise funds and volunteer for charity has been the most rewarding part of my teaching job. Their passion to make real and tangible changes to the lives of people and animals around the world led me to think deeply about the charities we were selecting at school and if they reflected the desires of the whole pupil body. I therefore spent some time researching the multiple factors that cause people to select charities, such as having a personal connection to them, being located in close proximity, current events that take place and evidence of effectiveness. I then surveyed the pupils to find out which of these they felt where the most important. Pupils overwhelmingly felt that evidence of effectiveness and current events were the most important factors we should consider and I have since rewritten our charities plan to ensure that our fundraising structure aligns more closely with pupil wishes.”

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