Gyorgy Denes joined The Perse in 2020 having received his PhD, MA and BA in computer science from the University of Cambridge. He has also worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, as VP of Engineering at MeetElise, and as a research intern and consultant at Facebook Reality Labs. His current research interest includes grade predictions and has been published by Elsevier’s Computers & Education journal.

“The Covid-19 pandemic created a range of challenges for schools in the UK. However, a time of cancelled exams and uncertainty around future examinations also provided a good opportunity to reflect on forms of assessment and grading. While the use of numerical models is ubiquitous in society, the 2020 centre-assessed grade (CAG) standardisation algorithm by Ofqual resulted in a public backlash and eventual withdrawal of the proposal. Criticism involved lack of fairness, with the public putting more trust into teachers than models even at the risk of inflated grades. In my research project, I investigated the accuracy of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms on GCSE results available at The Perse. I also considered how numerical methods could be utilised for intervention rather than as assessment tools.”

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